The Adventures of Mia and the Rocketship Tree

May 7, 2017


The Adventures of Mia and The Rocketship Tree


Written and illustrated by Boaz Gavish


1 - Mia put on her space suit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked into the street outside her garden. "Isn't it a lovely day?" asked Koalabo. "Every day is lovely," answered Mia.





2 - “Can I play with you?” asked Mia. “You can't play this game with a space suit on," said one of the children playing in the street.




3 - So Mia returned to her garden, and walked towards her red and yellow treehouse.





4 - Mia looked towards Koalabo, who was a robot Koala after all, and knew everything there was to know.


 "Playing games is a lot of fun, but for a true adventure, you don't need anyone!" said Koalabo, in his robotic voice





5 - Koalabo bounced up onto the tree, and Mia quickly climbed up the rope ladder. She put a wooden key into the tree trunk and twisted the key three times. The tree slowly changed…





6 - Into a rocketship tree! Mia saw flashes of fire coming out of the tree’s branches, and knobs and buttons, all very important, popped out on the trunk.




7 - “3..2..1..lift-off,” said Koalabo, and Mia flicked the switches to fire the main engine.



8 - The tree took off with a Big BOOM, bursting through the clouds with a wonderful Whooooshhhh





9 - And quick as a lightning, Mia and Koalabo were in space. They were travelling faster than anything you could imagine, leaving Earth far, far behind…




10 - They passed the moon shining brightly below. “Is the moon made of blue cheese?” asked Mia. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful?” answered Koalabo. He understood how delightful such thoughts could be.






11 - On they flew, past the Fish-teroids, who were off on another of their own adventures.





12 - They flew past lovely planets. Some of the planets even had rings around them, going round and round.


13 - Past a flying swimming pool, full of happy, green creatures, splashing about.



14 - Past stars and other space delights.




15 - Past a fiery green sun, shining so bright.





16 - Until they reached the Space Ticklers, on a small, purplish planet.




17 - “You can’t play with us”, yelled one of the Space Ticklers, as they ran around tickling each other.




18 - But Mia was the best tickler of all, and she quickly tickled them, until they were filled with delight at their new found tickle champion.


19 - And so they tickled…



20 - And tickled…



21 - And tickled




22 - Until Mia became tired of all the tickling which seemed to be all that the Space Ticklers wanted to do. What Mia really wanted, was to be with her real friends. 






23 - Then a soft sound came from the rocket ship tree. It sounded like someone calling for Mia from far, far away.





24 - “Goodbye Space Ticklers”, said Mia. However, the Space Ticklers didn’t want to let their best tickler leave their planet. So they sent rainbow tickles at her, until she was stuck and unable to move.



25 - But Koalabo was a robot and so couldn’t feel tickles. He showered a burst of tickles on the Space Ticklers, so that THEY couldn’t move.




26 - “Lift off” shouted Mia, and off they flew



27 - Through the darkness of space, past planets and stars.. Past the Moon and the Sun, who were having such fun


28 -  they fell through candy peach clouds and Pink Vanilla skies





29 - Until they reached Mia’s garden. And the children on the street were still there and calling her to join them. So she did!




I want Mia to not care about what the other kids think of her. Let's face it, other people's opinions about us are trivial, and not something we should care about. 


In the previous version of this story, the kids told Mia "You can't play with us, Space Girl!". I think that was a bit harsh, and also made it confusing as to why they want to play with her at the end of the story.


So I changed it to the kids not wanting to play with Mia just while she is wearing her suit. But Mia has it on cause she wants to have it on! So she goes off and has an epic adventure without them. 


Then obviously they want her to join them after all!


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