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This blog is about my creative process -  writing and illustrating a book I wrote for my niece Mia! 

Let your imagination run wild, and most importantly, have fun


March 4, 2017

Hola Amigos, 

This painting took a long time. Jaysus. Took me around 2 weeks to finish :-/It will be the final page in the book, where Mia is playing in the street with all the other kids. 

I have always loved maps. I think it's exciting to see where roads end...

February 14, 2017


Have you read about the Adventures of My niece Mia and her flying rocketship tree? If not, read it here, before continuing this post (it's not too long of a story, I promise)

Read it? Let's continue!

This is where Mia is tickling the Space Ticklers. As you can see,...

February 7, 2017

 Illustration from my upcoming book - Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree

Not only is Sir Anthony Hopkins an unbelievable actor (Have you seen how fantastically charismatic he is in Westworld, even at the age of 79?), but he is also a celebrated artist and a composer....

February 2, 2017

If you haven't read the story-book yet - Hold on! Grab a glass of milk and a plate of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, and read it here first, or else the painting won't make sense. 

Read it? Great - 

I thought it would be nice to show the tree returning past...

January 15, 2017

"Mia put on her spacesuit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked into the street outside her garden.." 

Before you read on  - make sure you have read my story-book first - Here

This painting (for page 1 of the story-book) took me ages to do. The most difficult part was to...

January 9, 2017


Before you read on, make sure you read the entire story here, so you know what the hell this post is about ;-) 

I thought you might like to see the creation process behind the magical and mysterious character of koalabo. 

I started off using canvas sketch paper and acry...

January 7, 2017

Some of you have told me that this is your favourite painting. I thought I would try and walk you through the process of how I created it.

First, I used a white blob, surrounded by a turquoise blob (I got this from a YouTube video)

I then added dark blue, around the firs...

January 6, 2017

Below is the story-book that I have created so far for my niece, Mia. The story is subject to change slightly, as I have found that while I paint, I come up with more and more ideas that I want to include in this universe that I have created.

Painting - As I stated befo...

December 30, 2016


I have a beautiful niece called Mia (almost 2 years old at the time of this writing), and I decided to write a children's book for her. When coming to illustrate the book, I opted to hire an illustrator on (platform to hire freelancers), as there...

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