The Hardest Painting So Far...

"Mia put on her spacesuit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked into the street outside her garden.." Before you read on - make sure you have read my story-book first - Here This painting (for page 1 of the story-book) took me ages to do. The most difficult part was to get Mia right! Hope I did an adequate job at that. I started by painting the canvas turquoise, similar to the background of the rocketship tree painting. z I then added Mia's spacesuit, opting for an Orange suit, like in the fantastic movie, "The Martian", starring Jason Bourne and some potatoes. I wanted to have Mia be looking away from the reader (due to my fear of painting her face wrong). I gave her red hair (cause her ha

Prototyping Koalabo

Before you read on, make sure you read the entire story here, so you know what the hell this post is about ;-) I thought you might like to see the creation process behind the magical and mysterious character of koalabo. I started off using canvas sketch paper and acrylic paints. I had absolutely no idea how to draw a Koala. I started with a koala head sketch with star-like eyes, and then created a weird koala on a tank track. You can see I already had an idea to have his belly as a magical clock! I then moved to regular pen and paper, trying to draw a koala head. I decided that koalabo would not have legs, nor a tank track, but rather, a spring to move around on. Why a spring you ask? The an

How the f..ridge did I paint the Blue Cheese Moon painting?

Some of you have told me that this is your favourite painting. I thought I would try and walk you through the process of how I created it. First, I used a white blob, surrounded by a turquoise blob (I got this from a YouTube video) I then added dark blue, around the first two circles I then mixed them all together. I think the direction was supposed to be outward, but I did it inwards. Whoops. I then added more dark blue, and black all around I then used a sponge to mosh all the colours together. Afterwards, I used a bowl to draw a circle, and started painting in with white Here is a short video I kept adding white and blue, and also painted a smiley face with the blue. smiley face is way to

Creating a story.. about a ROCKETSHIP TREE!!

Below is the story-book that I have created so far for my niece, Mia. The story is subject to change slightly, as I have found that while I paint, I come up with more and more ideas that I want to include in this universe that I have created. Painting - As I stated before, I am illustrating the book by painting the content of each page with acrylic paints on canvas. Once completed, each page of the book will have a separate painted illustration. Digitizing - I am using the camera on my Nexus 5X to photograph the paintings. This is proving quite difficult, due to poor lighting technique and crap photography skills, however I promise I will redo the photography sometime soon. Until then.. Goog

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