No, I'm Not On Acid.

Halt! Have you read about the Adventures of My niece Mia and her flying rocketship tree? If not, read it here, before continuing this post (it's not too long of a story, I promise) Read it? Let's continue! This is where Mia is tickling the Space Ticklers. As you can see, she is holding two feathers to do so! They probably belong to the Wise & Silly Pink Owl from the beginning of the story. Space Candle - Apart from the tickles, I really wanted to have a space candle lighting up the scene. I thought it would be slightly ironic that the source of light in this futuristic alien planet would come from such an antiquated apparatus of illumination as the candle. Pyramid clock - Time is mystical an

5 Secrets About Creativity I Learned From Sir Anthony Hopkins

Illustration from my upcoming book - Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree Not only is Sir Anthony Hopkins an unbelievable actor (Have you seen how fantastically charismatic he is in Westworld, even at the age of 79?), but he is also a celebrated artist and a composer. First off - watch this brutally honest video of Sir Hopkins talking about his art! If that wasn't inspiring enough - Here are 5 lessons that Hopkins has taught us about creativity: Lesson1. "My philosophy is: It’s none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier" Isn't happiness just proper expectation management? And s

1 Incredible Piece of Advice You Need To Listen To - Right Now!

If you haven't read the story-book yet - Hold on! Grab a glass of milk and a plate of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, and read it here first, or else the painting won't make sense. Read it? Great - I thought it would be nice to show the tree returning past the Blue Cheese Moon (introduced at the beginning of the story-book), and also to introduce a new character, the Burning Hot Smiling Sun. What a star! Get it?.. What a STAR!! Star! Yeah, well.. You aren't funny either. I started by painting a very large Earth, seen from space. I used the large lid of a saucepan to achieve the shape of our planet ("Earth is not round, nor is it spherical. It's saucepan lid shaped" -Neil Degrasse Lie-

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