The Evolution Of The Space Ticklers

As you may have read in my first post, the first painting I made from the story was the "Space Tickler" painting, showing a lone Space Tickler on the small, purple planet. I didn't want it to be obvious what the nature of the ticklers was. The objective was to make the tickler's intent appear ambiguous. Are they good, or evil, or both? Who can define what "good" is anyway ;-)? I also didn't want them to have eyes. I wanted them to be hyper-tuned to tickles. As you can see in later pictures, I added eyes, as I received feedback that the Ticklers were slightly too abstract, and people thought they were tents. After I finished all the paintings for the book, I decided to re-visit the Space Tick

The Adventures of Mia and the Rocketship Tree

The Adventures of Mia and The Rocketship Tree Written and illustrated by Boaz Gavish 1 - Mia put on her space suit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked into the street outside her garden. "Isn't it a lovely day?" asked Koalabo. "Every day is lovely," answered Mia. 2 - “Can I play with you?” asked Mia. “You can't play this game with a space suit on," said one of the children playing in the street. 3 - So Mia returned to her garden, and walked towards her red and yellow treehouse. 4 - Mia looked towards Koalabo, who was a robot Koala after all, and knew everything there was to know. "Playing games is a lot of fun, but for a true adventure, you don't need anyone!" said Koalabo, in his robotic

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