Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree - Entire Story

Mia and The Rocketship Tree Written and illustrated by Boaz Gavish 1 - Mia put on her space suit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked out to the street in front of her garden. "Isn't it a lovely day?" asked Koalabo. "Every day is lovely," answered Mia. 2 – “Can I play with you?” Mia asked the children playing in the street. “You can't skip or jump with a space suit on," said one of the children. 3 - So Mia returned to her garden, and walked towards her red and yellow treehouse. 4 – Then, Mia looked at Koalabo, who was a robot Koala after all, and knew everything there was to know. "Playing games is a lot of fun, but for a true adventure, you don't need anyone!" Koalabo said in his robotic v

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