Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree - Entire Story (Updated again...)

I decided the story wasn't tight enough, and have re-written it to include more reference to Mia's point of view and emotions. Here is the previous version if you want to compare. I guess it won't be ready until it's in print :-) Leave comments below. Especially if you have kids, and especially especially if you showed them the story. Mia and The Rocketship Tree Written and illustrated by Boaz Gavish 1 - Mia put on her space suit and took Koalabo by the hand, which made Koalabo wonder, What kind of adventure will Mia want to have today? 2 – They walked and bounced to the park outside her garden… Mia called out to her friends “Ready to join us for Space Games?” and they replied, “Not again! C

Guns Don't Kill People -- Children's Book Design Kills People

First time on my blog? Please read the story I wrote to understand the context. :-) Cari, the awesome graphic designer I hired to work on the book, and I have been working on the "Whoosh" illustration. It's going to be a 2 page spread, with the story text on the left page and the Rocket Ship Tree on the right. Cari asked me to create a new painting to fill the left page, and asked for mostly clouds and sky, to allow room for the text. Below is Cari’s first idea for the spread and text – I pictured the Whooosh to be “fast” and to show movement from left to right, but hers was slow and winding downwards. I sent her this to illustrate my vision - we agreed on this one which she created below,

The Hardest Part So Far

I thought that once I had finished with the illustrations (entire book with pictures here), publishing the book would be a breeze. I was wrong. Turns out that when you illustrate for a book, you must avoid painting important characters / objects on the sides of the canvas, as that part of the painting can get chopped off in the printing press. That part is called "the bleed". Therefore you are only supposed to paint inside a “safe zone” about 2 cm in from each side of the canvas (see image above). I totally sucked at that – Those are just some examples of how I painted important things too close to the edge of the canvas. Almost all my paintings are wrong for books, and need an experienced

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