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What the hell is this all about?


I have a beautiful niece called Mia (almost 2 years old at the time of this writing), and I decided to write a children's book for her. When coming to illustrate the book, I opted to hire an illustrator on Fiverr.com (platform to hire freelancers), as there are lots of very talented artists there, and the platform is very easy to use. I sent the first paragraph of the book to my illustrator of choice, and upon agreeing to pay his asking price of 28 Euro per image, requested he come up with a drawing of some of the constructs of my imagination.

Seeing the final result by the illustrator -

I felt that my vision and his were very different, and also came to realise how long it would take to do the whole book this way.

As Matthew McConaughey always says

"if you want something done right alright alright, best to do it yourself"

(Totally made this up)

The bad news was, I had never painted nor illustrated anything in my life. Still, I thought I would give it a shot, and worst case scenario, would have some sketches I could use to show the next illustrator of how I envision things to be.

I bought some acrylic paints and a small canvas, and created my first painting - of the Space Tickler.

I then bought another canvas, and decided to bring to life how I envisioned a rocket ship tree (you will need to read the book to understand) would look like.

I discovered two things - 1. I really enjoyed painting 2. The results weren't bad, and were actually kind of unique. People I showed my paintings to seemed to think they were even good!

Which brings us to what this is all about - I am chronicling my writing and painting creation process, as well as the process of getting this book published!

Why am I doing this blog?

Because creation is a shared experience, community matters, and it's fun!

(Something I personally learned from the musician Gary Dunne).

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