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How the f..ridge did I paint the Blue Cheese Moon painting?

The Blue Cheese Moon

Some of you have told me that this is your favourite painting. I thought I would try and walk you through the process of how I created it.

First, I used a white blob, surrounded by a turquoise blob (I got this from a YouTube video)

I then added dark blue, around the first two circles

I then mixed them all together. I think the direction was supposed to be outward, but I did it inwards. Whoops.

I then added more dark blue, and black all around

I then used a sponge to mosh all the colours together. Afterwards, I used a bowl to draw a circle, and started painting in with white

Here is a short video

I kept adding white and blue, and also painted a smiley face with the blue. smiley face is way too obvious! Need to hide it somehow

I spend about 45 minutes adjusting the smiley face so it's not so obvious

Time to add Earth, where the Rocketship Tree is coming from, starting with "Brilliant Blue" as my base colour

short video painting earth

Short video, painting the leaves of the rocketship tree


The Blue Cheese Moon

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