• Boaz Gavish

Prototyping Koalabo

Before you read on, make sure you read the entire story here, so you know what the hell this post is about ;-)

I thought you might like to see the creation process behind the magical and mysterious character of koalabo.

I started off using canvas sketch paper and acrylic paints. I had absolutely no idea how to draw a Koala. I started with a koala head sketch with star-like eyes, and then created a weird koala on a tank track. You can see I already had an idea to have his belly as a magical clock!

I then moved to regular pen and paper, trying to draw a koala head. I decided that koalabo would not have legs, nor a tank track, but rather, a spring to move around on.

Why a spring you ask?

The answer is obvious and i shouldn't have to explain it to you. Ask children, they will know!

Another attempt at koalabo- magic clock belly and spring seem to be the way to go!

Below, I have added an antenna to Koalabo's head. still practicing my koala heads though.

My final sketch, before moving on to the real painting.


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