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The Hardest Painting So Far...

"Mia put on her spacesuit, took Koalabo by the hand, and walked into the street outside her garden.."

Before you read on - make sure you have read my story-book first - Here

This painting (for page 1 of the story-book) took me ages to do. The most difficult part was to get Mia right! Hope I did an adequate job at that.

I started by painting the canvas turquoise, similar to the background of the rocketship tree painting.


I then added Mia's spacesuit, opting for an Orange suit, like in the fantastic movie, "The Martian", starring Jason Bourne and some potatoes.

I wanted to have Mia be looking away from the reader (due to my fear of painting her face wrong). I gave her red hair (cause her hair is reddish blonde). The result was so bad, I had to go watch the movie "Showgirls" as punishment for being so shit.

I decided to turn her around and add head and hair to the painting. I used this picture of mia as inspiration.

This is mia, showing us what it's like to be a boss.

Here we go -

Now time to add Koalabo!

I wanted Mia to exit a secret, mysterious garden, shielded by a lovely and colourful hedge

I sent this image to my family whatsapp group, so they could see what I was working on. My father, in his infinite wisdom, likes to sometimes state the obvious -

Luckily, he didn't observe that not only did the door not have a handle, but also Mia was still missing a face..

Like I have mentioned before, I usually like to paint while listening to electro music. I am usually dancing about with the music, so I had to make a "Disco Painting" Video

If you love that track as much as I do - it's Su She by Jacob Phone and Jens Bond

I sent the video to my friend Vered, who told me she preferred the pathway blue. I politely told her that I really appreciated her advice, and although i loved it when people told me how I should paint, I preferred to maintain things as they were and would not be making any changes to the painting..

The next day, I took a look at the painting and decided that Vered had it right all along!I repainted the path blue.

Note the garden door - I wanted it to beckon the reader in. What magic lies behind the hedge and its heavy, mysterious door and its heart shaped handle?

Finally, I added some more details to the path and ground, and added a sky, filled with both bright clouds and grey clouds - is it going to be an awesome sunny day, or an awesome rainy day?


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