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1 Incredible Piece of Advice You Need To Listen To - Right Now!

If you haven't read the story-book yet - Hold on! Grab a glass of milk and a plate of salted caramel chocolate chip cookies, and read it here first, or else the painting won't make sense.

Read it? Great -

I thought it would be nice to show the tree returning past the Blue Cheese Moon (introduced at the beginning of the story-book), and also to introduce a new character, the Burning Hot Smiling Sun.

What a star!

Get it?.. What a STAR!!


Yeah, well.. You aren't funny either.

I started by painting a very large Earth, seen from space. I used the large lid of a saucepan to achieve the shape of our planet ("Earth is not round, nor is it spherical. It's saucepan lid shaped" -Neil Degrasse Lie-son), however I missed the bottom of the lid, and ended up with a blue egg!

I then used this image below to try and understand what the Americas look like before we are all submerged under the Great Oceans. Turns out, they look something like this -

I was looking at the image on my broken phone screen, so I probably could have done a slightly better job placing the continents.

I then went to work on cleaning up the continents.

I continued to work on land, and added clouds, which is probably the funnest part about painting Earth.

To create the moon, I basically used the same method I used for the Blue Cheese Moon painting, only on a smaller scale.

I also wanted to do the same with the Sun, however I wanted the texture to be thicker and more fiery. I used a white centre, then surrounded it with yellows, and Orange and scarlet.

I merged the sun paints with a sponge, and while waiting for the fiery Sun background to dry, I began to add the Rocketship Tree

I then continued working on the sun, adding orange, scarlet and yellows to the centre.

I also kept going on the Rocketship Tree.

I resumed working on the texture of the sun to make it fiery and hot looking.

The goal was to have a cool looking moon to the right, and a hot, fired up sun on the left.

Here's what it looks like, speeded up, and with Oscar Award winning sound effects.

Oh, and the moral of this story.. that 1 piece of advice I promised you-

No No NO!

Wrong Shia Labeouf Gif!

My real piece of advice, if you want to do something creative is to...

I have no clue what I am doing, but I just try shit out. Luckily, acrylics are really easy to use, they dry fast, and also you can paint over previous colours in order to correct the horrendous mistakes you make.

It's all about taking action. Moving forward, instead of thinking. Doing, instead of waiting. If you want to do something creative, go out, buy a small set of acrylic paints and a small hardback canvas, and just start.

Take creative risks. Have fun. Create!


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