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No, I'm Not On Acid.


Have you read about the Adventures of My niece Mia and her flying rocketship tree? If not, read it here, before continuing this post (it's not too long of a story, I promise)

Read it? Let's continue!

This is where Mia is tickling the Space Ticklers. As you can see, she is holding two feathers to do so! They probably belong to the Wise & Silly Pink Owl from the beginning of the story.

Space Candle - Apart from the tickles, I really wanted to have a space candle lighting up the scene. I thought it would be slightly ironic that the source of light in this futuristic alien planet would come from such an antiquated apparatus of illumination as the candle.

Pyramid clock - Time is mystical and exciting. That's why Koalabo's core is made from a clock (more on that in future stories), and so I wanted the Aliens to also have a strange, magical, Pyramid clock.

Here is my initial sketch of the space candle and the pyramid clock.

Compare my painting to the sketch! like two peas in a pod.

On the right face of the pyramid clock, you will see that the hours are comprised of 6 - 28 - 31. This is the beginning of TAU = 6.283185.... which you probably recognise as 2π (2Pi), the ratio of a circle's circumference to its radius (C/r). Some argue that 2π should represent the Circle Constant (read about it here), and so I take delight in ironically enclosing it in the side of a pyramid.

(By the way, since you are all wondering the same thing, This is what TAU sounds like. Nerds!)

The left face of the pyramid is made up of 1-6-3. You know why that number is cool. (Link)

I wanted to find an old looking candle to use as inspiration for the colours of candle light. I came across this gorgeous painting below, and tried to understand what candle light might look like in space, and how the light would hit the candle pole.

I then used a sponge to begin creating a background of light. The art police will probably arrest me for using my kitchen sponge.

Finally, some disco painting to sooth your mind after reading this post -

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