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Can You Spot All The Easter Eggs in this "Dreamy Town" Painting?

Hola Amigos,

This painting took a long time. Jaysus. Took me around 2 weeks to finish :-/It will be the final page in the book, where Mia is playing in the street with all the other kids.

I have always loved maps. I think it's exciting to see where roads end up and I wanted to paint something similar to a map, but with a landscape feel to it. Ended up with a dreamy town!

I started with a sketch:

I first painted the pink vanilla sky, and then started to add the landscape -

I started playing around with different house styles. I also added the first easter egg - the Tate Museum of Modern Art, in the bottom right corner of the painting.

I then added two more Easter Eggs, which I then later removed, as they didn't fit the style of the painting.

One was the Mann's Chinese Theatre, and the other was the Ghostbusters HQ!!

Ghostbusters HQ
Mann's Chinese Theatre

As you can tell, the football / soccer field didn't make it to the final version either.

Now spot the other Easter eggs. Don't read on if you want to do this without any hints.


1. Jaws

2. Huckleberry Fin

3. Cheese House

4. 1.21 Gigawatts

5. Tree Star

6. Mia, playing in the street, the rocketship tree back in the garden

7. A circus in town

8. Tate Museum of Modern Art

Answers -

1. Shark Fin in the river (science doesn't apply in Dreamy town)

2. Raft in the river

3. A house made of cheese. Why? Cause it had to be.

4. The clock Tower from Back to the future (Clock stopped at 10:04 PM)

5. I wanted one tree to be different from the other, cherry blossom trees. They are all gorgeous cherry blossom trees. The different tree has no beautiful pink petals, but it is a star!

6+7. Check out the final scene of the book! Mia is playing in the street with everyone. Rocketship tree is parked in the garden.You can also see a circus tent nearby.

8. The Tate! My favorite museum in London. I already mentioned it, but will zoom in on the final version

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