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Bruce Lee's Hidden Fight Move - A "Fury of Tickles"

First off, I painted the background of the purple planet, and the night sky filled with stars.

I also wanted the Sphinx in the background. Why would the Space Ticklers have a Sphinx on their planet? Cause it's cool. That's why.

It's such a badass mysterious structure, along with the pyramids. I thought it would be a lot of fun to have in the painting, and it appears in the background of the painting where Mia is tickling the ticklers as well.

I then added Koalabo and the Space Ticklers to the foreground. Since Koalabo is a robot koala, I wanted him to have a kick-ass method to paralyse the Space ticklers.

I gave Koalabo trident hands, which would then rotate and tickle the ticklers until defeat.

I also gave the Space Ticklers eyes (which means I need to go back and change all my other paintings) cause I decided they may be too abstract for children to understand as being alive. Most adults, upon seeing the ticklers, think they are tents, even after reading the story.

I do trust children to be more imaginative than adults, however it makes sense to give them eyes anyway.

Notice Koalabo's smile as he is taking on the ticklers. He is cool, calm and collected, and doesn't sweat the small stuff. He is on the Mother&ucker.

Some inspiration for koalabo's bad-ass-ness -

(Sadly, the ping pong scene is fake)

And that's that.

Koalabo happily and calmly paralyses the Space Ticklers with a fury of tickles. Their eyes show they are hypnotized and can't move!

If you haven't read the full story, it's here

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