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The Evolution Of The Space Ticklers

As you may have read in my first post, the first painting I made from the story was the "Space Tickler" painting, showing a lone Space Tickler on the small, purple planet.

I didn't want it to be obvious what the nature of the ticklers was. The objective was to make the tickler's intent appear ambiguous. Are they good, or evil, or both? Who can define what "good" is anyway ;-)?

I also didn't want them to have eyes. I wanted them to be hyper-tuned to tickles.

As you can see in later pictures, I added eyes, as I received feedback that the Ticklers were slightly too abstract, and people thought they were tents.

After I finished all the paintings for the book, I decided to re-visit the Space Tickler painting, as I felt there was a lot of room for improvement, and also because the first tickler seemed to be slightly different from all the other ticklers I ended up painting later.

I started with the dark sky, stars and purple planet, and then used lots of different brushes and colours for the tickler. Am I supposed to use the same brush and just keep washing it? Perhaps. But I prefer the wolverine-claws looking technique of lots of brushes

Here is the lone Space Tickler, broodily waiting on the small purple planet.

And now the old one side by side with the new

What's the deal with all the Falling Stars -

I maintained the falling star concept, which you can see I started in the first painting, in many of my Space Tickler paintings -

In the Rainbow of Tickles painting:

In the Solitude painting -

In the Fury Of Tickles Painting

And in the opening scene on the Tickler Planet

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