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Guns Don't Kill People -- Children's Book Design Kills People

First time on my blog? Please read the story I wrote to understand the context. :-)

Cari, the awesome graphic designer I hired to work on the book, and I have been working on the "Whoosh" illustration.

It's going to be a 2 page spread, with the story text on the left page and the Rocket Ship Tree on the right. Cari asked me to create a new painting to fill the left page, and asked for mostly clouds and sky, to allow room for the text.

Below is Cari’s first idea for the spread and text –

I pictured the Whooosh to be “fast” and to show movement from left to right, but hers was slow and winding downwards. I sent her this to illustrate my vision -

we agreed on this one which she created below, and which I really love –

I then created the new image for the left part of the spread. I wanted to put a plane, as I can imagine how fun it might be for children to look at the plane and imagine all the people in it staring at the Rocket Ship Tree in awe. I also added some birds for a nice effect.

This is how both paintings look together (I added the whoosh with ugly font just to see what it looked like)

Cari has now played around with the placement of the birds and the plane and has created an initial version of the onomatopoeia (that means words which verbalize sounds, like splash, woof, boom). She also decreased the size of the tree, which really makes it look like it's flying up and away from the reader. Love it!

Ciao for now!


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