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Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree - Almost Ready To Publish!

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As I explained in my previous post, I have been working on the book layout with the graphic designer I hired, creating new spread designs and working on text placement. We should be working on cover and back page very soon, and then book will be ready for publishing!!

Below is the entire story in its most updated version. I have also edited it about 10 times since my last blog post. If you are interested in seeing the changes, you can compare it to what it was before here. As you can see below, 3/4 of it is ready for print, and the rest is being edited as we speak! The layouts below are 2 page spreads - so imagine that you are looking at the book open and in front of you.

Mia and The Rocketship Tree

Written and illustrated by Boaz Gavish

Page 1:

Pages 2-3:

Pages 4-5:

Pages 6-7:

Pages 8-9:

Pages 10-11:

Pages 12-13:

Pages 14-15:

Pages 16-17:

Pages 18-19:

Pages 20-21:

Pages 22-23:

Pages 24-25:

Pages 26-27:

Pages 28-29:

30– But the rainbow tickles did not work on Koalabo. His robot body couldn’t feel the tickles at all! Koalabo showered a burst of tickles on the Space Ticklers, so that THEY couldn’t move.

31– “Chop-chop!” Koalabo freed Mia from the rainbow tickles and they raced back up into the tree house. “Lift off,” shouted Mia and off they flew…

32 - …through the darkness of space and past planets and stars. Past the moon and the sun, who were having such fun.

33 - …softly they fell…through candy peach clouds and pink vanilla skies…

34- …until they reached Mia’s garden. And Mia’s friends were still there, asking her to play with them. Mia thought about her fun adventures in space and the naughty Space Ticklers. She was very happy to be back with her true friends.

35 - So she took off her spacesuit and joined them!


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